offers training room rental at a budget price. Located at International Plaza, our training room is just right above Tanjong Pagar MRT station within the central business district of Singapore. Even if it rains, your visitors who travel down by bus, MRT or car will not be affected by the weather.

A quick overview of our training room rental

Perfect location (right above MRT)

Our training room is located at Tanjong Pagar ( above Tanjong Pagar MRT station), within the CBD of Singapore. It can be easily accessible via by bus, car, and MRT.

24/7 access with air-con

Our training room comes with our own air-con units. This allows usage even after office hours when the central air-con is not available. You can even book our room overnight.

High-speed wifi of 100Mbps by Singtel

Our training room rental comes with fast and stable fibre Internet connection that can easily support 50 computers or more. This ensures a smooth training when you book the room with us.

High definition projector

Our projector can support up to 1280×800 resolution. This allows you to project crystal clear presentation to your visitors. It comes with HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connection too.

Backup projector available

Yes, we know the importance of backup. Therefore, we have a backup project always on standby. Should the original projector fails, you can always use our backup projector.

High-quality speaker

Our training room comes with a high-quality speaker for your audio needs.

Backup speaker

Yes, besides a backup projector, it also comes with a backup speaker.

Comfortable tables and chairs available

We offer tables and chairs for your presentation. You can choose to set-up the room in theatre style, classroom style, cluster style or even boardroom style.

Stationary provided

Whiteboard, markers, pens and paper are included in the training room rental.

Water dispenser available for your visitors

We provide cold and hot water for you and your visitors.

Security cameras

We aim to provide you with a safe environment for your training. This is the main reason why we installed security cameras are installed in every room.

Locker for regulars

We understand the hassle of carrying your laptop and notes everywhere you go. This is why we are providing free lockers for our regulars.


Restrooms are located just outside the room.

A new training room

We have just renovated our training room. Impress your visitors with our new and cosy training room today

2 training rooms available to rent

Choose between the bigger room of 560 square feet (can fit up to 70 people)  or the smaller room 310 square feet (can fit up to 35 people).

Budget rental rates

Our room rental starts from as low as $180. For more details, please view our training room rental rates.

Rent our training room today!

Regardless if you need it for your seminar or business meeting, this is the right place for you. Contact us today @ 9845 5111 for our training room rental today!