3 little things to make a successful event

Organizing an event is no small feat. Even the most proficient party planner would say that events are hard work.

Of course, they would be. As the organizer, you need to ensure that everything is in order: the invitations are sent out, everyone’s queries are responded to, and your event venue is not on fire when your guests arrive.

But beyond the basic necessities that come with running an event, such as the event space rental, it is also crucial to pay attention to the little things, the small stuff that would make your event phenomenal.

Sufficient space for everyone

Being squished into an MRT car is a common experience for most local commuters. It is a nightmare when you’re sandwiched in a crowded space between a sweat-ridden teenager and a fearsome-looking gangster.

An overcrowded event is a similar experience for your guests. If moving around to different spaces can be a pain, it will be unlikely for your guests to enjoy what your event has to offer.

Gauge your event’s turn up rate by asking your attendees to sign up for your event or RSVP on your event’s Facebook page. This way, you know how many people to expect, and can book a venue accordingly.

And your guests can mingle at their own leisure. No armpits to smell!

Meeting the needs of your guests

You do not want to have guests running for the toilet, or have a long snaking queue in front of the only food option available. Sometimes, guests will need to excuse themselves to take care of their needs. Make sure your event venue has everything prepared.

And, if your bathroom is a little out of the way, warn your guests before hand. At least they know that you’ve put in the effort to care for their wellbeing.

Finger food or snacks would be ideal too. Remember: hungry event attendees are angry event attendees.

It is also essential to take care of the safety precautions before the event happens. What is to be done in the event of a fire? What if someone collapses in the middle of the venue, passed out from sheer exhilaration? If need be, find out about these safety measures from the owner of the event venue.

It would also be nice if you plan for people with special needs, such as wheelchair-bound attendees.

Also, remember to tell smokers about the nearest smoking joint.

Someone is always there to help

It’s not just about having ushers outside your event. Part of the event management experience is also the customer service element. You may always need someone that guests can speak to in case they need assistance, like a helpdesk of sorts. Guests may sometimes have questions, or extremely ridiculous requests.

Common requests at events are the basic necessities or directions.

Having your customers leave happy is the best way to ensure the event is successful. Every smile counts towards the event’s success.

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