3 steps for an ideal timing for training, talks and seminar

3 steps for an ideal timing for training, talks and seminar

Other than focusing on the essential things needed in a training room and ways to become a good trainer and speaker, time management is also a crucial factor when it comes to training, talks and seminar. Efficient time management is the key to success and one should always know about the value of time. For businesses or individuals who rents training room, a proper plan is needed to ensure that the rental hours are not overshot. Here, we share with you the steps on how to plan and design an ideal timing for training, talks and also seminar.

Prepare an agenda

The first thing you need to do is to prepare an agenda with all its details.

  • Overview of the day programme
  • Facts and myths about the activity
  • Seminar ideal time
  • Recognising the negativity and positivity
  • Prioritising work assigned
  • What to expect when you attend the talk
  • Question and answer section

After writing down your agenda points, this will definitely help you in planning the time for your talk. Whether it is a seminar or training. An ideal time bound states a 1 hour talk, 2 hour seminar and 5 hours training.

Managing time for new strategies

After preparing an agenda for the day, it’s high time to manage the tasks and manage the work being done within time. Exploring new tools and initiating new strategies is always a good throw.

This section includes:

  • The efficiency of using new tools
  • Priority of the tasks
  • One minute focus
  • Case scenarios if any
  • Concerns from audience for each task

Analyze, plan & take action

A few rounds of talks and training will certainly help in gaining feedbacks from audiences. This is where analysing and re-planning comes into place before you could make another round of action. Improvise on what and when is needed and also adopt new technology that can help you and your audience in a long run.

Company or individual can also look into personalized training session should be should they have enough man-power and resources.

The ideal time for seminar, training and talks can be therefore decided by the time taken to decide the actionable.

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