3 things to know before planning for an investment seminar

3 things to know before planning for an investment seminar

Organising an event like investment seminar is without a doubt a potentially successful idea. The organisation has to be stable meaning to say, they have been in the industry long enough before they could step out to give a talk to the public. Only through years of experience by overcoming tonnes of challenges helps the organisation to share their expertise, which what makes them credible. However, there are also few issues that need to be highlighted and take into account before organising one.


Objectives and goals

In order to conduct an effective seminar, objectives and goals have to be set out clearly. Every single corporate event needs to have a purpose and the investment seminar is not an exception. The objectives are going to be determining for the overall tone of the event – they are going to determine how, where as well as when to conduct the seminar itself.


Choose the most appropriate topics and speakers

A seminar is an educational event which is designated to provide participants with an insight into a certain topic. Investment is a broad area of specialisation and you need to set clear boundaries to which your seminar is going to spread.

Furthermore, you need to handpick professionals or an excellent speaker who are expertise in the field to speak to a large crowd.


Details of the event and projections of the costs

This is another particularly important phase of the entire preparation of your investment seminar. You need to come up with a layout including all of the details that need to be covered. For instance, you need to determine the time for breaks, for asking questions, for interaction with the speaker and for free discussions.

Of course, you would also need to have an estimation of the budget in mind. By figuring out the details surrounding the seminar, you’d be capable of coming up with a projection of the cost and identify your potential expenses. This is going to enable you to prepare and meet said expenses conveniently.

Speaking of details, one of the most important things that you would need to account for is the number of the attendants. This is going to determine quite a lot of things. One of them is the seminar room that you are going to host your event in. This could range from a giant facility capable of hosting thousands of people to a smaller specifically equipped seminar room for lesser groups. Seminar room rental is a major expense line when it comes to the organisation of your event and you won’t be able to project even a remotely accurate cost if you haven’t taken care of this yet. With this in mind, it might be a good idea to take a look at a few seminar room rentals in Singapore and figure out which one of them might be most appropriate for your particular purposes and organisational needs.

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