3 tips for a good presentation

3 tips for a good presentation

As much as there are people who find making a presentation as an interesting activity, there are also a group of people who dislike doing presentations. However, presentations are sometimes unavoidable especially being in the working industry. Being in the centre of attention sent chills down your spine, especially if such presentations are held in an enclosed area such as training rooms. However, you should not let that be a hindrance from a being a good speaker.

Developing the art of making a good presentation is developed over time after countless attempts. Presentations are vital because a good presentation brings in revenue for the company. We are not always born best presenters, however, there are some tips that you need to have in order to make your presentation effective. The top three ones include:

Connect with the audience and show passion

It is always difficult to connect with the audience that you are presenting to. However, that does not mean that it is impossible.
Ensure that you are not nervous during the presentation because that is what kills the connection and interaction with the audience.

Make eye contact with your audience to gain their confidence. You can also make the connection through an icebreaker that could probably be a story they relate to easily. That will kill the fear and anxiety that exists in the first few minutes of the presentation.

Concentrate on your core message

It is crucial to get your mind focused on the message that you are trying to convey to your audience when you are planning for the seminar. Think of the possible takeout points that your audience is able to learn when they listen to your presentation. That alone will make you stay on the right track.

The key points should also be presented in a brief way so that it is easy for them to remember. At times, we may be asked a question during the presentation and make you deviate from the main topic. It is a common scenario and hence if you cannot manage it well, you will have a hard time all through.

Use media where necessary

The usage of media is the basis of modern presentations in this time and age. Be sure that you have used them in a correct manner because they will add value. Just as it is said, a picture speaks a thousand words, you will find it easy to communicate through the short animations.

The use of media also makes it easy for the audience to remember what the presentation was all about. In the event that you use them wrongly, they will act as a distraction. Research on the best images and videos to use in relation to your subject of the presentation.

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