3 training qualities that participants look for

3 training qualities that participants look for

A successful training session also means an effective training session. Keeping the training real with no fluff are what is expected from participants when they sign up for a particular training. Having an effective communication and being able to ask questions is important for both trainers and participants alike. Keeping the training enjoyable and varied will keep people’s attention on you and what you have to say.

A training session cannot just be informative in the traditional sense. Throwing all kinds of information at your participants will only overwhelm them. Statistics show that only 10 percent of materials from the traditional method of training is retained in a human brain. Since then, there have been many different training methods that have developed in order to make the trainings more successful. Here are the qualities that



Allowing trainees to participate and communicate with others is effective, especially when there’s a team building activity. Teamwork is extremely important to any business and it should be encouraged openly. This type of training can also help to enforce what they are learning as they relay the information back and forth with others. Being able to segregate into groups and help one another in solving problems together are the simple types of activities that participants usually look forward to.


Variety of examples

During the training, ensure that you incorporate a variety of examples and case scenarios, be it theory or practical to bring across to your participants. If possible, cover 3 to 4 industry examples from your participants. This way, participants will feel appreciated. That is how a good trainer should be doing.



An opportunity to ask questions is a must during the training session. Not forgetting, sharing opinions or views are also useful. The effort it takes to share will bring the group closer. Solving issues and answering questions as well as asking them will contribute to them retaining much more information.

An effective training session need to utilize the space in the training room well and make the best of it. It will also understand that everyone learns differently and that people are looking to learn things that is relevant to situations in real life.

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