4 things to provide during training


Comfort is a top factor in a training room. If participants are not comfortable, their focus and interest will automatically be switched off. There are certain essentials that the ideal training environment should have. Below are some of them:


Sufficient & comfortable space

An ideal training room will be able to comfortably fit all the attendees. It should able to fit 20% more delegates. When it comes to the temperature & humidity regulation in the room, a proper air ventilation should be present. Whether by using the fan or the air conditioning, it should be comfortable enough for the participants to breathe. In the case of an extreme cold weather, a heater should be present to provide warmth in the room. Therefore, the 3 things that should be kept in mind when you are renovating the training room are – temperature, humidity and airflow in a room.


Proper lighting

It is frustrating when participants are not able to read text due to a poor lighting. That is why the issue of proper lighting is of paramount. Natural lighting originating from either the ceiling or walls will enhance a training environment. Having natural lighting entering the room eliminates claustrophobic. If there are blackout blinds, you should pull them down during training so that natural lighting streams in.



Training usually involves a good deal and long hours of sitting. Therefore, comfort also depends on the kind of furniture being used in the training room. Comfortable chairs will come in handy. Attendees must not write from their laps. There must be tables. In the case where movement is necessary during the course of training, a flexible training room is essential. But how can a flexible training room be achieved? The use of foldable table and chairs will come in handy. However, ergonomically designed furniture is still the best. This will not hurt the back after prolonged sitting. There should be a lounge with sofa sets where participants will be able to take a short rest during and after the training.



Constant hydration will keep the participants focused. There is a need for sufficient supply of bottled water for the participants. Moreover, being in an air conditioned room for long hours will result in a dehydration. Keep your participants hydrated so that they will be able to focus better for the day. A long training session should have short breaks in between where people get refreshed. Tea, coffee, juice, sandwiches and biscuits are the best refreshments. People will also socialise and discuss pertinent issues while enjoying the refreshments.

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