4 types of investment training

4 types of investment training

Investment is an asset that is usually bought and having a hope that later on, it will generate income or even be able to appreciate in terms of value after a certain period of time. Singaporeans are always on the strive to make multiple investments to help them generate extra income to benefit themselves or and their generations to come. However, for you to do this, there is always a need to have basic knowledge regarding it. Discussed are some of the main investment seminars and training that you need to take part of to have the whole process be successful.


Bonds training

Bonds are defined as the securities of any kind that are usually founded on debt. Training in bonds is crucial because it will help you have an overview of how your money will gain profit and also the ways to avoid making investment mistakes. Bonds investments work in such a way when for example, after buying the bonds, you will be lending out your money and thus expecting to get some profits through the interest.

Such training is usually carried out in a rented training room located ideally in the central area where it is easily accessible.


Stocks training

Stocks training is another key training to the potential investors. It is critical because a very small mistake can get you into a financial problem. The target audience in this training is taught on what stocks are and how you become the owner of the business every time you buy the stocks. You, as the shareholder, will be able to participate in voting during the annual general meetings of the business.

You are also entitled to earn dividends through the profit that the company or business makes. Stocks are always very volatile when compared to bonds. The fluctuation in value is the reason you need this training. It helps you forecast the status of the business in terms of its value. However, during better times, the stocks will give higher returns compared to the bonds.


Mutual Funds Training

The training focusses on what mutual funds is all about. This is with an aim of making you, an investor, well informed before you make any decision regarding your money. A mutual fund can be defined as a collection of bonds and stocks. Usually, in this type of investment, you will be able to pool together the funds with other investors in order to invest as one entity.

An advantage of this type of investment is that you can invest even without having the knowledge in that field or experience. All is handled by these professionals whom you pay to do the work.


Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Training

In this training, you get to know what ETF is and how it is related to the portfolios of securities. Usually, when you make a purchase of ETF, you will be buying shares of the overall funds and not the actual shares tied to the underlying investment. It is a critical training and lack of the prior knowledge will make you and stumble then lose a lot of money through the process.

By attending investments talk, you will be able to gain enough advantages and even disadvantages of each investment types and hence end up making the decision that is well informed.

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