5 principles for an effective training for adults

5 principles for an effective training for adults

Different types of training are carried out from the different fields in Singapore. All these training come with an aim of improving the skills and the way employees carry out their duties. Being a very crucial exercise, there is a need to make sure that the entire training session is effective. However, below are some principles that can be used to ensure that the training you are conducting is effective and will give the best results.


Implement the show and tell principle

It is always not easy to change the way adults behave and therefore, your training should be well designed in such a way that you can teach them by portraying that you are a role model or an example for them to follow. Achieving the principle is through an explanation that gives the reality of an intended aspect.

Be sure to paint a picture of the future scenario after the training aspects are fully implemented. Be sure to tell the audience about the areas they should be ready and willing to change for the training to be meaningful to them.


Build from what the adults already know

It is true the human brain is crafted in a way that it leans towards what has been seen and heard. Make sure that as you present the points to the target audience, try your best to get your message across. How do you do that? Ask questions to test their understanding.

When the target audience in the training room are able to relate to what they already know, it gets much easier to present your topics and training will carry out smoothly.


Incorporation of stories

Stories will enhance learning at a higher percentage. Human beings in nature like telling and listening to stories. The target audience in the training room rental is not different from the above case. When you as the facilitator of the session is able to blend the stories with the key issues of the agenda, then it will be easier for them to grasp.

One unique benefit with stories is that people are able to remember without much hustle. Therefore, your aspect during the training will be easily grasped when the adults remember the story that was shared. Take caution in that the stories are able to blend well with the point being passed across. Avoid vague combinations.


Goal Setting

This is a great principle that will help the audience have a high remembrance rate. Let the adults be able to set goals that are in line with the theme and resolutions of the training. When they do so, they will be able to commit themselves and start embracing new habits that are aimed at making sure the goals are met.


Note Taking

Encourage the audience to always jot down notes during training. The process helps them generate mental pictures of what was discussed and since our brain is good for storing images, it becomes easier to retain what has been taught. Note taking also helps ensure the audience is alert during the entire session. Remember that people tend to get tired as times goes during training and conferences.

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