5 team building games for your corporate training

5 team building games for your corporate training

You will agree with me that team building games provide a platform for the employees to interact and even work together in a fun and exciting way. In most cases, employees only interact with one another through corporate functions and duties. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to have employees to connect during the training session.

Getting the building games that will fit each employee is one of the challenging things that you will face when planning the training sessions. Below are some of the key games that you might use to spice up the training session or seminar with your employee.


What makes you tick

This is the game focused on letting the employees share the things that tick them off and thus getting to understand their personalities. Being able to do the personality test together is one of the great things since it will make the employees group themselves based on the similar personalities.

Through this game, employees will be able to learn what motivates and demotivates someone else. It is through the personalities that they will understand how each member react in a certain situation. It, therefore, helps the employees understand each other and develop an effective communication.


Building blocks ideas

This is an interesting game. While being a facilitator, it is required to come up with a problem which can be fictional in nature. It may be about design thinking or anything else. Let the teams in the training room be able to note down the ideas they have in mind that can solve the problem at hand. You will then allow them to pass the papers to their neighbours and let them build on what they have.

The purpose of this game is to be able to appreciate the ideas of other employees.  In most cases, you will find that employee who is not vocal lack an opportunity to share their ideas regarding a particular solution. The games help them brainstorm as a team. There are many ways to conduct an effective training for adults, and this is one of the ways to achieve.


The truth and lie

The games entail having each employee present to write down three truths and one lie about themselves. After that is done, the rest of the audience will figure out among the four which are truths and which ones are lies.

It is through such like game that you allow employees get to know each other. It is a platform where both introverts and extroverts are able to share about their lives. Knowing someone will always make you interact with them without struggles.


The barter puzzle

You need to prepare a puzzle of the same level of difficulties then let the teams be able to solve them. Let them know that the other pieces that solve the puzzle are among the other teams. In so doing, you will be able to allow the teams to interact and convince others to let them have the piece that will make the puzzle complete.

The whole game makes the employees be able to work as a team and hence be able to bond together.


The use what you have

Provide similar supplies to the groups in the room and different design challenges. Let them come up with a design or a prototype of the challenges using only those available tools. It helps them use the creativity of each member of the team and thus ability to work together.

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