5 types of audience for your function room


Renting a function room can serve many purposes. From conducting meetings, events or even employee training. These types of rooms are often on rent by different hotels and restaurants. These rooms are fully equipped with the latest technology equipment and the essential things that are usually required in training sessions. Now, it has become a common business to rent out function rooms. These are a few target audiences who are looking for such a venue.



Space is often used by professional trainers that conduct training workshops and conference to conduct their sessions. Usually, professional trainers use the client or the company’s conference rooms. But if they do not have space or proper equipment to conduct training of a large number of employees, they tend to rent function rooms from a hotel. In a case of training sessions, it is very important to have the right seating layout. The preferred seating style is usually the U-shaped seating arrangement as it encourages interaction and group learning. Now, with the availability of function rooms for rental, trainers will no longer have to rent from hotel’s space as the rental fees are so much higher.



Most of the time, multi-national or large scale organisations and companies use their own space to conduct a conference. When they do not have enough space for every employee, they tend to rent a space outside. These companies and organisations tend to spend quite a lot on renting a prominent location to carry out their conference. Most of the time, however, they could not afford to lease an apartment or an office solely for the conference. Hence, this is why businesses will rent such a space.


Networking events

Events that includes networking like clubs and groups that require a huge space for networking makes an excellent client. In these kinds of events, clients prefer to have round tables or no tables at all so that they can use space to the fullest by moving around. This kind of clients highly appreciates if you provide them with right arrangement along with beverages and snacks. By providing these facilities you can easily get a regular client and a good recommendation.


Small business owners

These are the type of businessmen who runs their business in the comfort of their home. They do not usually need a large space; But in order to have an important meeting, they make use of a meeting room. With so many flexibilities that a function room has to offer, it can also be turned into a large meeting room with a proper setup using chairs and tables. These business owners do not have to worry about space since the room is able to accommodate a number of people for the meeting.


Non-profit organisations

Non-profit organisations usually do not have enough space to hold their periodic meeting, conferences, training and sessions. Hence, they would need to conduct these activities in rental rooms. Non-profit organisations that depend on virtual offices or do not have a physical space prefers to rent a conference room rather than leasing an office which has a higher cost.

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