5 ways to achieve creative and effective brainstorming session

5 ways to achieve creative and effective brainstorming session

Ideation of a training room must begin with brainstorming. The main aim of having a brainstorming session is to come up with many ideas as possible. You, therefore, need to make sure that effective brainstorming is achieved when carrying out a training that requires coming up with creative solutions to various problems. Today, we will be looking at the ways that can be used to ensure increased productivity and quality of the ideas generated by the audience.


Identify and assign goals

It is always good to identify the end goals that need to be achieved at the end of the session. In doing so, it helps the participants know what they are expected Hence, setting the pace. Assign the goals to various groups of people so that several ideas can be generated and combined later on to have one complete solution structure.

Make sure that the goals are clearly stated and are detailed. It will help reduce time wastage when trying to identify what is needed at the end. Inform the members to cross check after the session is over whether they have met their goals or not.


Setting time limits

Setting time limits for the brainstorming session or team building games is ideal and beneficial. It first helps the team know the time they are working with and hence maximise on it. Avoid the scenario where people ideate to a point they stop talking. First, it makes the whole session tiresome and boring to some extent. Working with short periods of time is always the perfect way to go.

You , however, eed to make sure that the time limit is realistic in relation to the goals that need to be met. Avoid giving too much and expect to be achieved within a very short time frame.



At the start of the training session, avail all the materials needed for sketch work. Most of the time there will be stick notes, sketch pads and even whiteboards. By providing a place where ideas generated are written you will end up with lots of possible solutions to the goals at hand.

Sketching also makes it possible to remember all the idea put across by the members. Visual brainstorming usually introduce fun into the whole session hence killing boredom. People will rarely come up with ideas when they are bored.


Colourful seating

This is part of the design of the training room. Make sure that you have done a good mix up of seating options. Be sure to incorporate colourful chairs into the training space. The seats should also be soft enough. They usually give a relaxed feeling during the sessions which is quite ideal for effective and creative brainstorming.

Avoid usage of dull colours. They bring boredom and kill creativity completely. You need to know that a perfect atmosphere is essential for productive sessions. I am sure you want to get people out of their comfort zone and out of the ordinary mindsets.


Avoid group thinking

As a moderator or a good speaker, make sure that group thinking is not encouraged during the session. In most cases, group thinking tends to silence arguments and conflicts that might arise. Conflicts and arguments that arise helps in coming up with the best solutions at the end of the brainstorming session.

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