5 ways to train executives

5 ways to train executives

Executives are people so precious and do determine the well-being of a business or an organisation as a whole. Therefore, when you are planning a training program for them, you need to have experience and the prior knowledge of what they need. There are many kinds of training methods. And it is true that their training will differ from the other training usually done to the middle level and low-level managements. Below are some of the approaches that you can use when conducting training to them:


Action learning approach

It is one of the widely used approaches when training the executives. Usually, using this approach means that the top management will identify some of the challenging aspects of the organisation that needs to be handled. It is through the teamwork that the employees are able to give recommendations regarding the challenges.

Through this whole process, the executives sitting in the training rooms are able to get feedback and gain exposure and opportunity from external organisations too.

This type of training isĀ ideal because it gives the organisation a higher return when the challenges are solved. It is also through the training that the executive unity is strengthened and ability to appreciate teamwork.


Simulation approach

Using this approach, the executives undergo a competition of simulating the business models. Usually, they will do the competition amongst themselves with an aim of them learning and gaining business skills. It is one of the best approaches that you can use when you want the executives to learn from the mistakes they make. The simulations can be conducted through computer games, something that you may face some challenges since not all will agree to play the games.

It is recommended that you get to understand their strengths and weaknesses so that you make a simulation plan that is effective for all of them.


The war games/ competitors approach

The approach entails splitting the participants into teams that will represent your organisation and the other represent the competitors. You are then required to gain information about your competitor through the legal means. After that, there is a face-off that takes several rounds. The main purpose of such like approach or game is to help unveil the weaknesses that your strategy or approach has. It, therefore, makes it possible to learn and even strengthen the already in place policies within the organisations.


Scenario planning approach

It is somehow related to the war games approach, the executives are required to create future scenarios where they come up with strategies they plan to use in reaching that level. It helps them get to know the assumptions that will be undertaken and hence polish on the weaker areas.

The approach helps the team be able to foresee where the organisation will be and what it will take them to make this happen. This is among the most effective training for adults as it requires employees to think of various case scenarios and future issues that the organisation will face.


The development approach

This approach is geared towards ensuring that the team is able to work together. In most cases, there is always a misunderstanding and fear among the executives, something that results in the negative effect towards the well-being of the organisation. It is a training done through assessment to get the current status and guide the team on the way forward.

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