6 tips for a profitable event space


One of the major sources of revenue for hotels is their convention and their event space. Convention centres and event spaces carry out rental services and they also do supplies and provide meals. This can help the hotel to bring in a lot of business and profit. They also help hotels to keep their rooms full. The best way to guarantee that your customers will return for more is by providing them with an experience they will not forget. As a result, promoting your event spaces can help you to gain more business. If your hotels are looking for ways to rent out your event spaces and earn a profit, below are a few ways which you can market them:


Introducing event spaces

It is not solely based on good services or remodelling as a main factor of a good business. Just like how seminars are being advertised to get participants, it is also crucial for event spaces to be advertised properly. It is recommended that you advertise your event spaces and the facilities that come within such as in the trade magazines, online business blogs, or websites. Do both online and printed advertising to see double the results. If you have any contact with business associated personnel, you can email them about your event spaces or give discounts to first time or regular clients.


Traditional advertising strategies

You can use more traditional advertising strategies that can help you target clients that may recommend your hotel or event spaces to their friends and employers. You can have brochures at the front desk to educate potential clients regarding the services that are available at your hotel. You can also give out flyer all of the customers using your room services. Alternatively, word-of-mouth marketing is powerful too.


Social media

In this time and age, it is essential to advertise your services on social media platforms to make it successful. Nowadays, social networking platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook have become a very powerful source of communication and advertisement. You can easily use these sites to draw the attention of potential clients.  These sites enable you to create a page and provide the important information about the type of events that are being hosted at the event spaces of your hotel.  To promote your event spaces, you can provide live videos of the events conducted.


Conference centre amenities

The advertisement plays an important role in the success of your event spaces. But, it is not the only aspect that ensures the success of your event spaces. Ensure that you provide all of the services that are required by people hosting the conference. Essential things needed are to be prepared in advance. To make sure that your event space is successful, provide hosts and guests with appropriate seating arrangement, seats should be comfortable and hall should have enough capacity for hundreds of people. The hall should have a proper sound system so that there will be no problem in conducting the conference. Food should be served efficiently and taste great.


Good experiences

Hotels are basically a service business. The most important thing is to have an excellent service in order to have a successfully running hotel. In order to ensure that your event spaces are also successful, it is advisable to have properly trained staff so that conference host does not have to worry about the success of the event.  Good hosting can get you a lot of new clients. With online feedback system available, feedback travels fast to everyone using the internet. If your hosts have a good experience, there are chances that you will get more bookings for your event spaces.



If your hotel is located in a central location, you can collaborate with event venues and outdoor centres to use your event spaces for their events. You can also offer discounts for conference rooms when hired as a part of the package.

These are a few ways you can successfully advertise and market the event spaces of your hotels.

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