6 vital elements for a flexible training room

5 vital elements for a flexible training room

The layout of a training room is a make or break issue. This refers to the design and shape of the room among other room attributes. It is important to match the layout of the training room with the style of the trainer and the topic that is being carried out during the training.


Flexibility in training room

A flexible and well-designed training room will facilitate the best training. The training room should have an effective layout. You need to consider many aspects when renovating and decorating your training room. Avoid some of the major training room design mistakes. A flexible training room allows you to shift the tables and chairs easily without a hassle. It opens up space and allows participants to move around networking with one another. None of the furniture should be rooted to the ground as limit movements.


The need for an effective training room layout

An effective training room layout facilitates easy movements. It will be possible for participants to easily enter and exit without affecting the comfort of others. With an effective layout, interactions between the instructor and the audience will happen seamlessly.



There are a few essential things that need to be present in a training room and one of it is technology. Harnessing the latest technologies will facilitate a great experience. You should use technology to create an effective learning environment.

  • Harness technology for multiple content delivery options. The trainers should deliver content using the various technologies including large-format screen, wireless microphone, whiteboard, DVD player, projector, laser pointer and speakers.
  • Technology makes the biggest difference in a training room. Think about having wireless notebooks interlinked with collaboration software. This will make participants collaborate on the different issues.
  • Electronic polling will make it possible for people to voice their opinion on the different issues. Polling will happen in real time.



Windows are the best source of lighting for your training room. This is because they produce ambient lighting that prevents glare on screen surfaces. Make sure that all windows have easily adjustable drapes. Avoid direct down light sources. These make people not to look well on the screen.



You need a flooring that is functional, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and serve its purpose to the participants well. A good floor will also improve acoustics and will last for a long time. A low-pile commercial carpeting will be the best choice. This option will help in minimising the noise produced by foot traffic. It will also hide stains.


Accessible for the handicap

The training room should allow accessibility for wheelchairs should any of the participants are handicapped. A good training room is one that does not hinder the physically disabled from learning.

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