7 money saving tips to book an event space


An individual who often organises seminars and training for business or as a profession, it is their responsibility to conduct the event within the budget of the company or business. It is not an easy task to rent a fully equipped training room to conduct a business event in a limited budget and also to make your client happy. However, there is an alternative in renting other types of rooms but for a different purpose than what the name suggests. Below are a few tips to find a great event space rental with a limited budget.



It is recommended to do a research on the local web like Google, Bing, Yahoo and similar websites for the best and suitable event space rental at lowest prices. There are chances that you may get some discounted prices or package deals for using their services of a particular brand.


Search beyond central areas

Location plays a major part when it comes to training. However, if your budget is limited, start looking for areas beyond the central locations. Since central location provides easy access to the room and with better facilities, it is impossible to get it a low rental price. However, it is still possible to find rooms at a lower price in areas that are not centrally located.


Booking in off-season months

It is suggested to avoid renting he rooms near the peak period such as holidays, Halloween, Good Friday, Christmas and other occasions due to the surge in demand hence the prices are usually higher compared to the normal days. It is also advised to rent the room earlier to avoid disappointments from being occupied and also a surge in price when last minute booking is done. It is preferred to avoid any booking kind of rental rooms in these days altogether to save money.


Alternative options

Firstly, compare the prices of event space rental available. When renting the rooms or facilities like function rental rooms or conference rooms, always make sure that the host provides the best services and equipment. You can also ask for package deals in this way you will not have to spend extra money on other services and facilities.


E-mail subscriptions

There are chances that you may not be able to avail the discounts because of limited time hence your entire search is now wasted. But, if you have e-mail subscriptions on some of the good web pages, this may not happen. Most of the rental room services provide their clients with free e- mail subscriptions and memberships. You can get e-mail subscription of a few rental websites and wait for their packages and discount offers instead of wasting time on searching for a rental space.



In this industry of word of mouth, is considered to be valuable to the business. You may ask fellow trainers, seminar organiser or businessmen for the recommendation on budget friendly training room rentals. This way, you can find hotels with great services at a lower price.


Bonus idea

It is suggested to keep on looking for better rental rooms at lesser prices even after you have made the booking. If you are able to find a better location offering at a better price, do not hesitate to cancel the present booking.


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