Achieving a good attendance in a training session

Achieving a good attendance in a training session

The human resource department of any organisation here in Singapore and the rest of the world has the mandate of organising training sessions geared towards the improvement of the skills possessed by the employees. Achieving a perfect attendance during such like sessions is not always a guaranteed aspect. You will agree that when attendance is low, then there will be less impact in regards to the training. However, this does not necessarily affect the excellency of the speaker.

However, there are some simple techniques which when implemented, they will help in getting a high turnout for the training and thus adding value to the organisation as a whole:


Use heads of department to invite employees

Make use of the higher level management when making the invites. You can, for example, use the CEO to send the invite emails to various managers whom will then extend the invite to the employees they lead.

In any organisation, an invitation from the CEO is always a great opportunity and also signify the important of the training. Avoid in most cases dealing with individual employees in regards to the invites. Make use of the managers and supervisors.


Have a clear and detailed agenda

It is always recommended that you inform the employees of what to expect from the training session because training for workplaces are extremely important. Come up with an agenda for the training and outline the relevant areas that will be tackled together with the names of the trainers.

Most of the time the employees do not know what they will gain from the training and hence, it creates some level of laxity in attendance. Be sure to also explain how the training will eventually make them better at their jobs. How it will help them improve their presentation skills and so forth. This brews some inward motivation and willingness to attend the sessions. Make the training relaxed as possible and include in some team bonding games for the employees.


Purpose to help the employees free up their schedule

Most of the time, the employees may be reluctant when it comes to attending the training. They have fears of losing a whole day or even half and yet know very well that there are tasks to be worked on.

Come up with a way through the help of managers to have some employees take up the responsibilities of a colleague when they are out on training. This will have two major benefits:

  • The employee will be focused and stop worrying of the backload that awaits him or her after the session.
  • When the employee knows that he has the support of the manager, then the stress of missing out on that call or even email will be gone.


Package it as a reward

Remember to extend the invitations to the best performing employees at the organisation as a reward for the great work they do. This will elevate the importance of the whole training and also make the attendees of the training feel valued.

It is a way of making the future training exciting and everyone willing to attend. Introducing an element of exclusivity to the sessions will work to your benefit as the organiser of the event.


Give positive feedback

Through the manager and heads of departments, be able to recognise improvements in employees especially after attending the training session. This will always motivate the employees to even purpose attending future training because they are aware of the value they are adding up in their area of operations.

Having the above techniques implemented will help in filling up the training room every time you are having a session and also make the sessions valuable always.

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