Corporate business hiring fair

Corporate business hiring fair

Organising an event of the kind is certainly no walk in the park. Consider these tips on how to make it go easier and without any issues.

Companies tend to organise specifically designated corporate business hiring days during which they are going to conduct interviews with selected candidates and determine which ones of them are going to get hired. This might sound a lot easier said than done and the truth is that there are tonnes of considerations that need to be accounted for. With this in mind, we are going to provide you with a few helpful tips on how to manage and organise and event of the kind so that the entire process goes a lot smoother and without any issues.


Prepare everything in advance

Once you have announced the date of the event, you need to ensure that everything surrounding it is been taken care of in advance. Start planning a few weeks earlier and you are going to spare yourself quite a lot of headache. What is more, this is going to allow you to be prepared in full and that there are no surprises.

The preparation includes sorting out the resumes; familiarising yourself, as a hiring manager, with the resumes of the people you are going to interview and much more.


Make the necessary arrangements

Now, once you are through with the organisational work, you might want to start making calls and sending out emails and invitations. If you are going to be interviewing people based on their resumes, you should either call the selected candidates or email them.

Generally, the most appropriate way would be to call them and inform them directly that they are invited for an interview on the date that you’ve designated at a specific time. With this in mind, another important thing that you need to account for is the time distribution. You want to make sure that everything is handled within the given time parameters. So, calculate how much time you are going to need for an interview and schedule the day accordingly. This is going to ensure quick process and a hassle-free event.


Seminar room rental

It is important that you include this in your organisational activities. Renting an appropriate facility such as a seminar room rental, for instance, might be a great idea, especially if you are going to interview a large number of people or if there are going to be a few interviewers, each of which going through the interviews at the same time in order to go through all selected applicants.

Look for a proper training room with suitable colours so that the hiring fair can be carried out smoothly. Plan on how seating arrangements should be set out and take note of the essential things that a training room rental should provide for.

Even though you might think that this is an unnecessary expense, the truth is that renting a specialised seminar room is going to provide you with a lot of value. You are going to spare yourself the hassle of having to prepare your headquarters for the event and there are no strings attached. As you can see, organising a corporate business hiring day is without a doubt challenging and there are quite a few things that need to be accounted for.

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