Differences between a training room and a seminar room

Differences between a training room and a seminar room

To many people, a training room rental and a seminar room are the same, but there are a couple of substantive differences between the two. Have a look at the two differences outlined below and we will end up with a clear and distinguished perception of the two type of rooms.


Available space and locality

For a training room rental, it is meant for a smaller group of people and therefore requires a smaller space compared to a seminar room. Generally, a training room is meant to hold a group of around 20 to 50 people. The number by itself dictates that there should be at least 50 seats for a training room. These makes a training room to occupy a smaller space.

For a seminar room, it occupies a larger space. This is because of the number of people expected to attend a seminar. You can estimate that a seminar can have up to 200 people attending. The room is supposed to be properly arranged to ensure every attendee gets a clear view of the speaker. This also encourages interaction between the audience and the speaker.

A serene environment or locality is key for both a training room and a seminar room to avoid any disruptions from the outside during sessions.


Role and facilities

The role of the training room and a seminar room still differs to a greater extent. A training room is usually segregated for a group of people who are acquiring certain skills from a specialised and a good trainer or speaker. The attendees need to be greatly attentive and listen to details to ensure that they grasp every point given by the trainer. In short, a training room communication and the message should be passed clearly to all audience, as this knowledge acquired maybe in need at a practical situation. It is also significant to have quality facilities such as microphones working well. The rooms should also be echo free to allow free transmission of information.

For a seminar room, it is typically important to have a large room fitted with comfortable seats, echo free and properly fitted microphones for the speakers. The seminar rooms are segregated for many attendees who come for corporate events, keynote lectures, public relations and other such activities. In a nutshell, a seminar room needs to have the best facilities to communicate to a large group of people.

These are basically two major differences between a training room and a rental room. The list isn’t exhausted as you can add as many differences as possible based on different scenarios and events, but this is a detailed look at the major differences between the two rooms.

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