How can function rooms be used?


A conference is a meeting held between several individuals to discuss a specific matter related to a company or business. It is often confused with a convention but the latter consists of more people than at a conference. And usually, conferences and other events make use of a function room to carry out their events.

Function rooms cater to more than just conferences and events. Below are a few other ways in which you can use a function room:


Business meetings

Most of the business meetings are held in a seminar room, normal meeting room or even in a conference room. Usually, the business meeting that is held in the conference room is annual general meetings, board meetings, break out session which further includes presentations, workshops or seminars. It is then followed by casual events like business banquets and dinners. However, many are not aware that a function room can also be of use when it comes to this kind of events. These are some of the business-related meetings and events which you can consider renting a function room for.


Virtual meetings

Function rooms are also used for virtual meetings with overseas managers, employees and much more. This is because function rooms are usually equipped with all the essential things needed and provides the best technology and equipment. This includes better internet connection too. For bigger virtual meetings like an educational webinar, most companies will tend to book 2 to 3 function rooms at once. Skype sessions, online training are also commonly held in a function room



As the name suggests, seminars are usually conducted in a seminar room. There are different kinds of seminars that are usually held such as the parenting seminar, motivation seminar or investment seminar. The main purpose of these seminars if to educate and encourage employees to participate more, learn a new set of skills and to keep them engaged. Other seminar attendees can be limited to business partners or other business men and women depending on the topic of discussion. In this kind of seminars, businessmen or attendees can learn from each other’s experiences and it also enables them to make good contacts. Another type of seminar is trade seminar the main purpose of this kind of seminars to bring the community together. They consist of workshops, lectures and presentation of white papers.



In a business or at a job, there is always some kind of training to go through from time to time. There many types of training that are carried out in an office. These training are usually held in seminar or conference rooms depending on the number of trainees who will be attending. If training involves a large number of people, function room would be suitable for them to carry out the training. There will be ample space for the attendees to move around and not feel cluttered being in the room. A large space also makes way for team building games to be carried out.

These are a few ways in which seminar or conference rooms can be utilised by the office employees.

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