How to choose a keynote speaker

How to choose a keynote speaker

Choosing a keynote speaker for your seminar is important to the success of your training and events. There are several things that you can look into when it comes to picking the right person as your keynote speaker. These things are simple and easy to find out but can be overwhelming sometimes. If you know what you are looking for, the process will run smoothly and you will find a speaker in no time. Waiting until the last minute is not wise, so be prepared to find someone to have an impact on the planning of your seminar.


Know your needs

When it comes to speakers, you are going to have a certain criterion that needs to be met. You might need a speaker from within your business industry to make a statement, especially if it is an industry specific seminar. You might also want someone who works for your company in order to create a comfortable atmosphere.

The goal you have for those in attendance is important to consider when looking into possible speakers. Tailor your speaker to best communicate and connect with the ones who go to see them speak. Most importantly, you would want full attention and engagement from both the speaker and your audience. Hence, select a speaker who has the energy to convey his message and not bore the audience.


Past work and performance

Getting a good idea of how your candidates are going to deliver is beneficial to your ultimate decision. Take a look at their past work and maybe even watch them at work. The best way to get a feel for a speaker is to hear and watch them speak.

If they have experience speaking in similar situations, they are especially qualified. You want your speaker to be in their element and at their best. Making sure one is comfortable with the setting is great for the both of you. Watch videos or even have them speak in the seminar room rental if you can.



Having a speaker that will help to advertise your seminar is super helpful. Make sure that you find someone who is not going to try to push their own products unless that is something that you want. A lot of more popular speakers are going to want to have an opportunity to do some self-advertisement. As long as you know what you are looking for, not much should catch you off guard.


Check references

When dealing with someone’s references, it is important to check them thoroughly. References are what are going to let you know how your candidate really stands. Their past projects and those who oversaw them exemplify how they are going to be if hired by you.

As long as you take careful consideration of the qualities you are looking for in a keynote speaker, you will be able to find one with ease. The initial process can be gruelling, but it will get better in time when you have the best speaker for the event you are holding.

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