How to make your trainings more interesting

How to make your trainings more interesting

Sometimes training can be boring and unpleasant to attend especially when a miscommunication occur. At times, you may find other members sleeping during the training sessions. That is an indicator of the boredom present in the training room. How do you make your training sessions as a speaker more interesting? An excellent speaker is one who is able to get his point across to the audience without even trying very hard. Here’s how to make your training interesting.


Pick on a conducive venue for discussions

Be creative when coming up with the place where discussions will be held. Avoid having a closed mind of holding discussions in a training room only. You can pick up a park or even a café where the discussions that are part of the training can be done. In so doing, you normally allow people to freshen up. The time taken to switch venues is enough for rejuvenation. It also gives the audience an opportunity to brainstorm on the areas of training and probably help in the ideation phase.


Have a well-defined agenda

Make sure that you have a clear and detailed agenda for the training session that you are going to have. Plan your event in such a way that it is easy for your audience to understand your flow of the presentation. You can even send the agenda in advance just to make sure that the audience gets time to familiarise with the topics. It also paints a picture of what to expect from the speaker during the sessions. Have agendas that are within the scope and will not drain the audience both mentally and even physically. Remember that one they are drained, then the chances of finding interesting trends in the training are very minimal.


Be quick to notice the needs of your audience

As a speaker, it is good that you identify the needs of the audience you are training very first. You will be able to understand their concentration spans and thus help avoid a scenario where you are bombarding them with lots of information. Also be quick to understand the rate at which they are able to grasp the things being taught so as to know whether to go faster or reduce the pace.

When you are able to read and relate to the audience, the training becomes lively and interesting. It also helps know when to share with them important aspects of the session.


Encourage a two-way interactive session.

Listen to what the audience is sharing. It is one of the ways that you can use to create a rapport and interact with them. Create an open minded environment where you encourage them to speak up. I am sure that when you respect their decisions, they will be more than willing to respect yours too. Allow the session to be interactive as much as possible.


Finish on a positive note

As you wind up the training, be sure to highlight some of the key areas that have been covered. You need to remember also thanking them for their time and willingness to take part in the training. Assure them that you will be available for help in regards to the training session that you just had. This makes them feel honoured and valuable. They will, for sure remember the training because of that.

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