How to reduce high turnover rate from employees

How to reduce high turnover rate from employees

Employees always quit their jobs and workplaces because of different reasons. The reasons normally range from the family to personal issues, but a bigger percentage is attributed to the culture and nature of the employer. Employee retention has become one of the main challenges that the HR departments in many organisations face. The employer has many ways to avoid high turnover rate from employees. Therefore, in order to reduce the turnover rate from employees, there are several tips that need to be implemented from the initial hiring place. These tips include:


Hiring the right person

Be sure to hire an employee who fits well with the company culture and has the skills that are needed in the job. An employee who enjoys what he or she is doing will highly likely stay longer in the company. State the job roles clearly during the job interview so that there will be a mutual agreement between both party on their expectation of one another.

Remember to have a look at all the aspects of the employee during the hiring process. It is one of the overlooked things but very definitely critical in the long run. Through the observance of all the aspects, you will have a complete picture of who the person you are employing.


Invest in your staff

When talking about this topic, most people will always relate it to the compensations that are expected from the employer. However, the employer needs to make sure that training, mentorship are done from time to time. In doing this, you will be adding value to the employees and they will in return acknowledge the fact that you find them worthy of you. It also shows the benefits of having a training room within an organisation.

Have an environment that encourages communication and a free flow of ideas.


Provide opportunities to use abilities and skills

There is always a sense of pride, self-confidence and accomplishment when employees are given that chance to contribute to a matter using the skills they have. You need to know that employees want just more than a paycheck. An employee who is challenged in his or her work will gain some eager to become the best.

In so doing, you will be subjecting employees to development and growth in terms of their skills. There is no employee who wants to be stagnant in his career life. Most of them seek career development and such like opportunities.


Stable financial status of the organisation

An organisation that has frequent cases of layoffs, salary freezes, bad press and even mergers can really make the employees lack trust in it. For sure when an employee starts being worried about layoffs or even delayed salaries, then the chances of him or her leaving the organisation are very high.

Make sure that the salaries of the employees hit the accounts within the agreed dates so that it becomes a sure deal. The consistent will build a trust that cannot be easily broken. It may seem to be a very lesser point but carries a lot of weight to the employees.

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