Inserting creativity into your training

Inserting creativity into your training

Training employees is a big part of having a business. It helps in retaining your employees from leaving the company. Like how other trainings are carried out, how do you get creative, coming up with interesting and engaging content all the time? All it takes is a little brain power and information, and you will be training creatively in no time.

Employee training is essential to the success of your business as a whole, and should not be taken lightly. Not only does it aid in the progress of the individual, but also the company as a whole. Having the right balance of training experiences is useful when it comes to creating new connections or polishing up on people’s skills.


Before you begin

Your goals, budget, time and resources contribute to how you are going to end up training the current and also new employee. Regardless of what you are doing this training for, ask yourself a few questions.

The following are just a few questions that should be considered when preparing for a training session.

  • What are your training goals?
  • Who is being trained?
  • What kind of time and money do you have?
  • What are the resources that are at your disposal?

There are many ways to set up a training session, but only a few will be covered here. An enjoyable training with interactivity and hands-on training are ways to get people involved.


Make it interactive

Interactive training consists of many different activities and is suitable for more complicated training. Taking short breaks every once in a while to split employees into groups for problem-solving activity would be beneficial. You can also do some role playing in order to show examples of situations that can arise on the job. Utilise the training room rental as much as you can to make everything more accessible.

However, these activities and breaks can be time-consuming. If you have little time, do not forget to do only what you have time for. Anything rushed will leave trainees flustered and confused.


Don’t forget to be hands on

Experimental training like demonstrations and cross training which are hands on are great for training current employees since they have been through changes and are willing to accept new ones compared to new employees. If you are dealing with larger groups, you may want to try something else when the budget does not permit.


Technology is the hype

Technology is at the forefront of the expansion of the world. It doesn’t make sense if any form of technology is not incorporated into your training sessions. From the simplest technology from reading a text on a screen or a more up to date technology like the virtual reality experience, anything relates to multimedia and technology can be super useful for a training!

It takes time in knowing which methods are the best for an employee training. A combination of a few of these methods, and of others, might just work for you.

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