Major training rooms design mistakes

Major training rooms design mistakes

Meeting rooms are more associated with generation and incubation of great ideas. The ideas are greatly influenced by the design of the training room. So the big question is, how do you design and renovate a training room in order to have the best impact on the ideas generated or incubated?

Doing the design may seem to be that simple but it is not always the case. It is a challenging task that requires insights. So what are the common mistakes made when it comes to training room designs?


Inadequate space

Having a training room too small or too large for the target audience is a mistake that we often come across. The team in charge of the design of the room need to factor in the average number of people each training session has. This helps in ensuring that the perfect dimensions are used in the initial design phase.

Remember that when designing the room for a company, there is a need to put into consideration the future goals. That is the growth of employees hence more audience for training. This will help cut down the cost of coming up with new rooms due to the change in needs or increased demand.


Unsuitable furniture

The comfort of the audience in training room will influence the end results. Comfort is first achieved through the provision of suitable chairs that fits best for the training room. The best option is to invest in adjustable chairs that will accommodate people of all heights.

During the selection process, have some test sample of the furniture needed. This will help you know what is important and also make sure that every attendee is happy in the long run.



The wrong choice of lightings in the room will stimulate irritation of the occupants thus drain the energy out of the entire room. Lighting should be suitable for people to read and even write at the same time watch some videos with much ease.

Choose a variety of lightings in the design. Do some research on the lights used in libraries and you will have an idea of the best option. Make sure also that the sources of light are enough to avoid struggles invisibility. Not forgetting, the wall colour of the training plays an important part too.

Wrong screen size

You will agree with me that today we not only have physical training but also the virtual ones. In the context of virtual training, then the video screens come in handy. The screen needs to be placed in a central place within the room so that none struggles to get the view.

The size of the screen should be big enough so that people seated at the far back of the room can still read the text. You can as well test several sizes to find the best option before installation.


Use of unfamiliar technology

There is always a tech disconnect in most of the training rooms. Installation of complex audio-visual equipment that can be operated by only the selected few is dangerous. That becomes practical when the trained persons to handle the electronics are not available and a training comes up.

Use simple devices that can easily be connected even by the novice users. It saves a lot of time and also avoids frustrations.

The perfect design of the rooms does not involve usage of one solution. Be sure to consult widely and give some thoughts on the design for the perfect alternative

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