Organizing A Rehearsal Dinner In A Training Room

Organizing A Rehearsal Dinner In A Training Room

Rehearsal dinners are a laid-back event that is usually for the bride and grooms family and friends to socialize and mingle with everyone and get in the groove of the actual wedding day.

Usually family and close friends are invited to rehearsal dinners and the event itself is hosted in a backyard or booked conference rooms depending on the number of guests. Below are a few guidelines that will help you make rehearsal dinner in a training room memorable:

  1. A rehearsal dinner can be formal, informal, casual or semi-formal event. It all depends on the bride, groom and the host so it can easily be organized in a conference or training room of a hotel.
  2. When selecting the hall where you will be hosting rehearsal dinner it is very important to consider the kind of event you want to host. You can easily arrange rehearsal dinner in conference room or training room of a hotel as it will have enough space for accommodating your guest and it enable you to have privacy. You will also have no problem in finding parking spot as most hotels have their parking and also provide service of valet parking.
  3. When organizing rehearsal dinner make sure that you give proper time to guests, usually it is conducted one night before wedding and starts in late evening. Most of conference and training rooms are free in evening so you can easily get halls according the number of guests.
  4. When organizing a rehearsal dinner make sure that you make a list of guests beforehand so that you can book the hall or conference room according to the number of guests. Usually close relative and friends are invited to rehearsal dinner so that grooms and bride’s family and friends can spend quality time together and get to know each other.
  5. It is very important to give all the necessary information in the invitation like the name of bride and groom who is being honoured, date, day, time and name and address of the venue, names of the hosts and a contact number for RSVP. It is preferred to keep invitation short and to the point. Avoid adding unnecessary details in invitation of the rehearsal dinner.
  6. It is recommended to ask hotel management beforehand the amount of people can be adjusted in conference room. You can either assign seats to people this will encourage them to socialize with each other and other guests. Or you can let the guests decide where they want to sit. In order to make guests feel comfortable you can also introduce them or consider icebreaker to give them something to talk about.
  7. For food there are endless options if you are having a casual dinner you can go for anything from pizza delivery to Chinese dinner or buffet. In case if you are having a formal rehearsal dinner you can opt for multiple courses or formal buffet options. It is preferred to have wine or beer at rehearsal dinner as weddings usually have full bar. Make sure that you inform hotel about the kind of service that you will be expecting so that they can facilitate you and provide you with service.
  8. It is tradition that groom and bride give thank you presents couple parents, siblings and close friends for making their wedding events so special and fun.
  9. It is expected to have quite a number of toasts on rehearsal dinner usually groom’s parents especially if the dinner is arranged by them , parents of the bride, bride and groom, they can also share the toast, maid of honour and the best man may also give toast. Toasts are held before the main course or the full meal.

These are a few guidelines for hosting a small and intimate rehearsal dinner for the couple.

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