Room arrangements for better communication during training

Room arrangements for better communication during training

For any training session to be termed as a success, there needs to be a prove that the messaged being delivered is grasped by the target audience. This just illustrates how communication in any session is a key aspect.  When using a training room, then you need to make sure that communication flow is effective and efficient. The big question is, “How do I rearrange the rooms for better work and training communication?” Take a look at the major tips below:


Use of a round table design

If you want to achieve interaction and networking among the audience you are training, then you need to have them sit in the round table style. Usually, this will mean that about six to eight people will be seated in each circle.

Through the round tables, you will easily deliver the message and also get the response from a group based level. It is advisable also to have a leader or representative in each round table that will be managing the other members. The flow of information in the room will be effective. Make sure that the circle can be easily adjusted in the event that you want to project on the common screen some media content for the whole group to see.


Use of audio visual systems

In the event that you are having a huge number of people to train, then it will be a good move if the audiovisual system is completely installed in the whole room. This will entail the sound speakers and even microphones.

Installation of the system will make communication easier. The audience, even seated at the back of the room, can still clearly get the message being passed across by the speaker. Make sure that the sound speakers are placed in strategic places so that people seated in other sides do not struggle to listen to the speaker/moderator.

Note: For virtual training, then the conference phone can be connected to the main sound speakers for better communication.


Provision of writing materials

We are living in a world characterised by smartphones and gadgets. However, this should not get us assuming the necessity of not needing the notebooks and pen. They are necessary especially for noting down a few important points and also in the event that there is a written evaluation.

When one is presented with a notebook and a pen, he or she will be at least attentive to note something down. In the whole event, you will have achieved better communication since there will be less noise. The concept brings the “brains at work” seriousness in the training session.

Centered auditorium

In the event that you have no sound equipment fitted in the training room, then you can rearrange the place so as to have the auditorium being at the centre of the audience. This means that people will sit around you and hence avoid shouting.

Since sound travels in all direction, you will be sure that all the members attending the session are getting you.

As much as the above tips are very important for better communication, there is a need for breaks during the sessions to allow people reenergize. Ensure that there are some refreshments after every break for this to be actualized. Concentration span of most people is always below two hours and hence avoid having a single session going for 5 hours without a break.

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