The Must Have Basics of a Training Room Rental

The must have basics of a training room rental

A well-designed event space rental will support and enhance the training sessions of your guests or become a distraction to their meetings. Even worse is the fact that you will lose business because a dissatisfied customer is not likely to give you repeat business.


It is important that you give your clients large enough space that they are comfortable in your premises. The ‘go-to’ resource for training room design and furniture recommends that training facilities should be 15-17 square feet per participant. They also recommend that owner of a classroom rental should ensure they have ceiling of 10 feet or higher to make the rooms feel spacious.

Ensure the rooms do not have inbuilt pillars hat will block some participants from seeing some portions of the room thereby hindering their participation.


The function room rental must firstly meet some specific ADA requirements. The next thing is to ensure that the rooms’ locations are easily accessible and convenient to reach. You do not want your clients getting lost inside the buildings for hours trying to locate your venue. Consider the following:

  • The restrooms should be nearby for convenience. It is also to ensure the participants do not have to waste so much time when they have to use the restrooms.
  • Have a fully stocked cafe in sight. It should be well stocked with beverages and snacks. You should also consider offering catered lunches. All these measures will ensure that the participants will not lose time unnecessarily when they go for brakes. It also ensures that meetings flow. Attendees will not disengage or go wandering off.

Room climate

Clients will be looking for rooms that have ideal room temperatures. If the rooms are too hot or too cold, they will affect the attendees’ ability to focus. Considering that your rooms will be used by different people with varied preferences, it is wise to have thermostat and /or HVAV controls inside the meeting rooms. This is to enable your guests to control the temperatures according to their comfort.


The training room should have adequate lighting. Having said that, different people will respond differently to various types and degrees of lighting. Let people be in a position to dim the lights when they need to.

The best light is the natural light streaming through the windows. You should however also include easy adjusting drapes so shades so that the attendees can darken the windows when required.


The rooms should allow flexibility of configuration. The attendees may want different arrangements of the furniture at different times within the training session. Ensure that your room allows any kind of arrangement that the client may prefer.


You must put a lot of thought into the furniture that will secure for your rooms

  • Tables: the table should be durable and easily movable. It should be easy for your guests to move the tables around to achieve the configuration that they require.
  • Chairs: Your chairs should be:
    • Ergonomically designed
    • Have the right degree of paddling
    • Have the swivel capacity to ensure comfort
    • Be pneumatically adjustable to acquire the most comfortable height for different individuals.


Your clients will require using some form of technology in the course of their meetings. You should ensure that you adequately meet your client’s technological needs by:

  • Providing desktop computers
  • Having celling mounted projectors
  • Providing two way video conferencing facilities with clear audio and video definition.
  • Fit the rooms with cloud-based labs
  • The rooms should also have stable internet connections and high-speed dependable broadband connections.

In a nutshell, your rooms should meet both the physical and virtual needs for guests.

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