Tips on reducing distractions in training rooms

Tips on reducing distractions in training rooms

There are several pieces of training that always require maximum concentration on what is being taught by the trainer. During such sessions, distractions are not at all entertained. This is because they will affect the flow of the trainer and disrupt the focus of audience under training.

Having some tips on what is needed to avoid several kinds of distractions is necessary especially for you as the speaker or even the organiser of the training. Discussed through the subsequent subheadings are the ways to achieve this.


Clear agenda

The first thing when you organise a training session is to come up with an agenda. Basically, the agenda is used to determine what will be done or discussed during the sessions. After the agenda has clearly been written down, it is then sent to the audience that has purposed to attend the training in advance. This is a way to help them get familiarised with the topics that will be handled in the session so that they can come mentally prepared.

When everyone has in mind what will be covered during the training, we will avoid the scenarios where members want to know what the train is all about that day that time. The prior knowledge means a lot in this context. The agenda also needs to be followed strictly so as to avoid the distractions caused by murmuring when the speaker deviates from the plan.


Strictly no latecomers

Have you ever experienced a scenario where people walk into the training room thirty minutes late and struggle to get a place to sit or catching up over what has been presented earlier? Yes, it is always a great distraction which needs to be done away with.

Set strict timelines that the attendees need to comply with. People will plan to arrive early enough for the sessions which are an ideal or desired situation. It helps to train people on time management and at the same time having training that are without distractions and commotions.


Ban devices

No matter what kind of seminar that you are conducting- be it health seminars or fitness seminar, this seems to be a very tricky move to implement but very necessary. Imagine in the middle of an important aspect being explained and a mobile phone rings from a certain corner of the room. It is true that almost the whole audience will shift the attention to the source of the sound hence deviating from the main agenda.

Be sure to ban all the mobile devices as people get into the training room. You can have an option where they leave them at the entrance, put them off or just allow the devices to be in silent mode. Issue strict warning at the start of the session by even giving out a minute for people to turn off their gadgets.


Avoid multitasking

Personally, I will say that multitasking is a good thing because it helps me achieve much within a short period of time. However, there is always a negative effect with the whole multitasking issue. It will always leave you vulnerable to slip-ups. In so doing, you as a speaker or moderator in that training session, you will influence the mood of the audience negatively. Most of the time they may feel lost, something you don’t want to see happening.

Avoid multitasking as much as possible. Be sure to focus on a particular area then once you are done, you can then consider the others that are untouched. It may seem a waste of time by it is more beneficial that the other option.


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