Top 5 types of training in Singapore


With the help of technology, changes are frequently introduced in the way training are being conducted all over the world. Below are a few corporate training trends that were being conducted recently:


Business-centric learning

Business-centric learning was introduced last year. It requires aligning the need of the employees and the organisation. There are two main factors that are required for effectively implementing business-centric learning. Firstly, define the goals of the training session clearly. Secondly, the effect of training on the business should be measurable. Also, advanced technology and analytics should be used to provide support for the organisation in order to change training to business-centric learning.


Video-based learning

Nowadays, video based training sessions are trending like massive open online courses. According to a research, more than 80% of learning is stimulated by visual stimulants. Therefore, having a combination of audio and video stimulants is perhaps one of the most effective ways of learning new things. Moreover, it only requires a laptop or computer to make a good training video. Video-based learning is now used not only in online courses but also in traditional training. This is one of the many ways to make training enjoyable and not mundane.


Different formats of learning

Videos are not the only new trend in training sessions; there are various new and flexible ways in which training can be done. In the past, training was either conducted by an instructor or via an eLearning tutorial or seminar which was to be attended by employees. The bring-your-own-device movement was introduced recently which encouraged employees to bring in their own laptops, tablets and smart phones for the purpose of business. Training formats can be changed according to the needs of the employees and according to the content of the training. The top manifesting trends include responsive content and design, blended courses and mobile learning.


Using social media

Using social media for the purpose of conducting an employee training is considered controversial as companies and organisations are concerned about protecting their private data. It is not necessary that all media tools have to be open to the public. By using social media, organisations can gain attention from potential clients and customers. Now, with the help of social media, you can introduce a lot of interesting activities for your employees. You can work on team building by giving them an activity on social media. In this way, employees will not get burned out and they get to also learn team building skills.


Competency-based training

The model of competency-based education is gaining popularity in all areas of education whether it is in school, college or an organisation’s training sessions. Organisations are also realising that the main purpose of training should not be limited to listening to a lecture. The main focus should be given to learning something new and useful that can be implemented at work. Competency based training means that training programs should be reorganised in such a way that they demonstrate skills which include clear goals and a way to assess them. Organisations that are supportive of competency based training are expected to be able to cope with the gaps in skills of employee more efficiently.

It is essential that an office should have proper training rooms to conduct employee training and keep employees up to date with the latest technology and information related to their field. Above mentioned are a few of the most popular trends of training. Trends like different learning formats, using social media to educate employees and several other trends are the main reason that more training is now getting successful results for organisations.

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