Traditional seminars vs online seminars

Traditional seminars vs online seminars

There are two different types of seminars that one can attend or organise. First, is the normal seminar that we see occasionally. With a good speaker at the front speaking to an audience who are present physically at a rented seminar room. The another type of seminar is also called the webinar. A webinar is a seminar that takes place only online. The attendees can be from all over the world and they can choose to join in if they have access to the webinar. The types of seminar do affect how effective a seminar can be.

Seminars are an excellent way to hold discussions or provide needed training. They are quite popular and have made their way into the world of the internet. These days, you do not even have to leave the house to attend a seminar. You can go to one in the comfort of your own home or office.

Nevertheless, if you are attending or preparing a seminar, you should look into everything that you possibly can.

Pros and cons in a normal seminar


  • Networking

You are able to socialise and meet people at a traditional seminar. Expanding your network is always helpful to your business and career. There will be other people in the seminar room to share your thoughts with and for you to get to know.

  • No distractions

When you physically attend a seminar, there are no distractions like work or family to stop you from attending your presentations. And not forgetting, the kitchen will also be away from you. No more snacking and escaping to the kitchen for the yummy food.


  • Travel

The thought of travelling in the morning might be a chore. With the constant jam on the road and packed public transportations do not help either. However, an enjoyable training at the end of the day will make the trip worthwhile.

  • Cost

The amount of money that a good seminar will need is pretty substantial. Whether it be for travelling or attending the seminar itself, it can be an obstacle to those who want to attend.

Pros and cons in a webinar

There has been rumours about how effective webinars really are. However, if you narrow down the things that you need, it is easy to compare them to seminars to help you make a decision.


  • Time

Not having to take time away from travelling to a seminar location is a huge deal. You are able to attend the seminar at the comfort of your home without being obliged to dress well and conduct yourself in a proper manner. Behind those computer screens, you will still be able to listen and grasp what was being presented. Definitely what most people would prefer.

  • Cost

If you staying at the most end of Singapore and the seminar is to be held at the central or the other end of Singapore, imagine the cost of travelling! However, travelling is either the best or worst part about a seminar. Either way, you will save on all travel costs by attending a webinar.

  • Ask questions easily

You are able to anonymously ask questions and have them answered in real time. Who doesn’t like answering questions anonymously? Sometimes, questions that we ask may be deemed as a dumb question to others. Now, through a webinar, you can no longer worry what others think about your questions because your identity is hidden. For introverts, the webinar is definitely a way to go.


  • No face to face interaction

Since webinars are carried out online, the interaction will be minimal and presentations may not go as exciting or enjoyable. The speaker will not able to crack a joke because no one would be laughing physically with him, and laughing alone over your own joke will be labelled as a manic. And not forgetting, no face to face interaction also means no networking and may result in a lesser business opportunity.

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