Ways to advertise your seminar

Ways to advertise your seminar

Once your seminar date has been set and the speakers are working away at their presentations, there’s only       one thing left to do. Advertise your seminar. There are several ways to do this, depending on the type of seminar that you are running. Many ad sites and agencies would be more than happy to help you with getting the word out. Other than the radio and TV, there are tonnes of way to get your ads out there. You can even link up with companies to get more leads.

Whilst there are ways to get more leads, there is also a need to control the number of leads. A good way to manage this is a registration fee. Having a registration fee increase the chances of participants who have signed up to attend. Now, what are some of the ways to advertise your seminar? Read to find out more.



Advertising through newspaper could be a good idea. However, it will be costly and you will not be targeting any specific audience. This may not be the best option but if you do have the means to advertise through newspapers, it will be great. Since the advertisement in the papers is being read by a mass of readers, do include the benefits of renting a training room and how a training room can help to improve an effective communication between the trainer and audience.


Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to get your seminar known. Make use of the targeting methods available in each social media based on the information they have shared with sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.



A magazine that is of the industry or somewhere related to your seminar will be a good place to advertise. Since the market of magazines is very targeted, placing an ad can be especially helpful even though it will be competitive. Magazines make it easier to reach the attendee that is ideal for you. However, these ads can be expensive and deadlines are far in advance.



If you have a business relationship with a certain company, they can help you in spreading the word about your seminar. Relevant business to yours is going to work the best. You can have a mutual advertisement agreement that is good for both of you. You can maybe even give them a seminar room if they want to have a part in your seminar.

It is not hard to get the word out about your seminar. Make connections and bring in some advertising to appeal to the masses. The best way to figure out what you need is to assess the details and whether or not you are able to invest in an advertisement on a print level. Social media goes a really long way, as does becoming affiliated with other institutions similar to yourself. If you take the time and energy to create an amazing ad campaign, it is worth it in the end.

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