Ways to keep your training room flooring clean

Ways to keep your training room flooring clean

Are you concern to sustain and maintain your training room flooring? From carpets to tiles or even marble. While most carpets are easily clean and maintained, there are also carpets or other floorings which require a different method to get them cleaned. During your training room renovation, you may consider these points as we share with you the types of flooring with its simple cleaning methods.


Wooden flooring

Wooden flooring is good to keep warm. Only dirt or harsh sand particles can scratch the floor. Regular dusting and sweeping can prevent it from collating excessive dust and dirt. It is a particular type of floor chosen by classy taste people for their office or conference room. More often used in coaching and restaurants.


Vinyl flooring

With cost hard to beat, this comes with mat finish flooring used specifically in bathrooms and kitchens. A non-slippery floor is the speciality and is best to serve all time purpose. They are made from a high-quality PVC and can be swiped by a dry mat or cloth.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

This is the most expensive type of flooring and it is hard to manage. Because of its customization feature, it is the most favourite of all. It comes with an extra amount of durability, but it needs an abrasive cleanser to get it cleaned up.



Carpets are the far most popular type of flooring in Singapore. These can be simply cleaned by vacuum and needs no abrasive cleanser to beautify itself. Affordable to manage and easy to use type flooring is most popular in rental training rooms. The only drawback is that they catch stain so early that one should be extra careful about the flooring or be prepared to incur a cost to replace the portion of the carpet.


Tips to treat carpet stains

There can be various ways to treat a stain but carpet stain is something which needs more precautions and treatments. Some of which are:

Coffee/coke stain

Blot it with a dry paper or white paper and then apply a non-bleach detergent and wash it. Stain will be rinsed off easily.


If there is some liquid residue then blots it dry else use a glove and remove the dry particles.

Red wine

Place salt over the stain and leave it overnight and then vacuum it. Salt will soak all the stains.

Food stain

Use a non-bleach detergent and wash the carpet and blot it dry.

Ink stain

To let the ink absorb, put some salt over it and leave overnight for the salt to absorb the liquid. Vacuum it then.

These simple hacks will surely help you wipe your carpet and let you carpet look fresh and new as ever.


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