Classroom Rental

Are you looking for an ideal space to conduct your class?

Finding a centralised location, setting up and managing a classroom is time-consuming and costly. Individuals who are starting up a new business and tutors who simply wish to concentrate on teaching and would like to keep things simple, renting a classroom is beneficial as it helps to keep your cost to the minimum. Renting the classroom also provides you with the equipment that you need at no additional cost.

At, we have the perfect place for you! Our conducive classroom is located at Tanjong Pagar and is available for rent. The classroom can fit up to 32 students comfortably. If you are looking for a space to conduct your teaching like tuition classes, you can rent our classroom to do so. Renting a classroom saves you a lot of resources and allows you to focus on what is more important.

We have 2 classrooms available for rent:


560 square feet – can fit 32 students


310 square feet – can fit 22 students

See below for some of the benefits of renting our classroom:

Low classroom rental rates – starts from $180

Our classroom rental rates start from only $180 with no additional charges like GST and admin charges. And no deposit required too.


Flexible tables and chairs

Our tables and chairs are collapsible which allow you to maximize the classroom’s space. If you have a smaller class, simply stack up the tables and chairs and your students will have more space to move around.


Newly renovated and clean condition

Our rooms are newly renovated in November 2016 and the conditions of the rooms and equipment are all brand new. Which also means that the rooms and classes comfortable will be comfortable.


24 hours access to the room

Our classroom is 24/7 accessible and is fully equipped with our own air conditioning unit, on top of the centralized building aircon. Our rooms are readily available for 24 hours – which makes night study and tuition sessions possible!


Central location – Easily accessible

Located at International Plaza, right above Tanjong Pagar MRT. Students or participants can travel down to the classroom easily. Moreover, there is a sheltered walkway that connects Tanjong Pagar MRT to International Plaza.

If you are traveling by bus, bus serviced to International Plaza include: 57, 131, 167, 186, 532, 533, 534, 535, 536, 542, 543, 548 and 549


Free wifi – Ideal for computer classes too

Our 100mbps Singtel wifi can connect up to more than 50 computers. The wifi also comes with a password protection to protect your computer against harmful attacks while connecting to the wifi.


Extension cables available

Extension cables are readily available if you need it. Useful for computer related classes. We got it covered for you!


Our classroom/study room rental includes:

  • 3 meters extension cables x5
  • 6 meters extension cables x5

Each extension cable comes with 5 power slots.


Stationaries and light refreshments included

Stationaries and light refreshments will be provided too – A4 writing paper, pens, lockers, water dispenser and biscuits.


Rent our classroom today

So why wait, contact Ron @ 9845 5111 for a viewing today!